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"Neurofeedback is a very valuable part of my husband's overall treatment plan for Alzheimer's. I think he would be much worse today if we weren't doing the feedback. I would recommend neurofeedback to anyone who is dealing with Alzheimer's."

  - Wife of 67-year-old man diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease
Steven Rothman, Ph.D - Seattle Bellevue WA Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
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Affordable Neurofeedback - When Insurance Won't Cover the Service

If your Insurance doesn't cover neurofeedback, or covers some but not all the sessions needed, then we have solutions that can help you.  Our Affordable Neurofeedback Program is designed to provide you with Neurofeedback via the following lower cost options.

  • Working with Dr. Rothman's Neurofeedback Trainers in our offices
  • Using our Neurofeedback-at-Home program

Here’s how it works

In your first session, you’ll meet with Dr. Rothman where he will assess your needs.  He will determine if neurofeedback is the right approach, and if so, what is the right program for your or your child.  This may include working with Dr. Rothman directly, with Dr. Rothman’s Trainers, or using the “Neurofeedback-at-Home” program.

A. Our Working with Neurofeedback Trainers Program

There are circumstances where Neurofeedback sessions can be done by our Neurofeedback Trainers who have been taught by Dr. Rothman how to perform Neurofeedback training. Dr. Rothman will monitor your results and provide guidance to the Trainers as required.  This option is possible when Dr. Rothman determines it is not necessary to work with him directly. 

B. Our Neurofeedback-at-Home Program

One of the benefits of neurofeedback is that it is sometimes really useful and helpful to do at home. After initial sessions in Dr. Rothman's office, many of his patients have done neurofeedback training at home with occasional office visits or periodic phone or internet consultation. 

Benefits of Neurofeedback at home

1. Saves you time, since you don’t have to come to our office.

2. Saves you money. Not all insurance policies cover neurofeedback or as many sessions as is sometimes necessary. In these instances, beginning neurofeedback in Dr. Rothman's office and soon transferring training to home can be very cost-effective.

3. Very helpful and cost-effective for some conditions Dr. Rothman treats that benefit from many sessions over an extended period of time.

Here's how it works:

  • Your first visit will be with Dr. Rothman so that treatment goals and the best type of neurofeedback to use can be determined.

  • Your first neurofeedback visits will take place in Dr. Rothman’s office working with Dr. Rothman (or in some cases, one of Dr. Rothman’s Trainers).

  • When it is time to begin neurofeedback in your home you will need to purchase or rent a neurofeedback system. We’ll show you were to do so.

  • You will be trained how to operate the neurofeedback system.

  • On a regular basis, you will share your results with Dr. Rothman and he will instruct you on any modifications needed.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to discuss the possibility of participating in the Affordable Neurofeedback Program or would like to request the additional history questionnaire to fill out so that it can be reviewed by Dr. Rothman please call 425-454-4266, Ext. 1 to speak with Dr. Rothman or click here to send Dr. Rothman a secure e-mail message.